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Election Trends 2023

A packed house drove the energy and enthusiasm in the room as we walked through the details in the data from 2023.

PA Capitol Trip

Scott Martin hosted the WRC in Harrisburg where we got a behind the scenes tour and got to see a resolution introduced by Senator Martin get argued and adopted.  

Thank you to Scott Martin and his team as well as Bryan Cutler and Amber Martin for sponsoring the trip.


Getting Involved:
An Overview of Local Government

Ray Dagastino reviewed the key basics to understanding the structure and components of government in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and The Country.  He left us inspired to get involved!

Pop Quiz: PA is a Commonwealth. How many commonwealths are there in the US?

Getting Involved:
Plot the Journey

Amber Martin walked through how to get involved in politics.  She incorporated tips from her background and experiences to help drive confidence in to the women in the room.  

Threats to Our Country:
Spies Among Us

Audra King, a former Army Counter-Intelligence officer, offered a very insightful and thought provoking overview of classical espionage efforts and how to keep your eyes open and stay diligent.

"Don't be afraid, be prepared." 

Threats to Our Country:

Randall Wenger of The Independence Law Center walked us through the lawfare trends in the US today.  He shared many cases and situations moving through the court and he encouraged us to be encouraged as many of the cases were landing in our favor, including one he took to The US Supreme Court.

A couple of books that were discussed:

  • Triumph of the Modern Self by Dr. Carl Trueman

  • Strange New World by Dr. Carl Trueman

  • When Harry Became Sally by Dr. Ryan T. Anderson

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